Absolute beginner

Refurbishing the home she bought after her divorce proved a learning curve for Sara Hamilton. ‘ As a paediatrician, I’m trained to make important decisions in my field. But I had never chosen tiles, floorboards, kitchens and bathrooms, or done house refurbishment, andlacked confidence in these areas,’ she says. absolute beginner (7)

Sara enlisted the expertise of her friend and architect Johanna Ahrberg Jackson. ‘I wanted one communal space in the house to accommodate the needs of an eight year old, a 23 year old and a 40 year old – all of whom are very sociable,’ says Sara. ‘Johanna advised me to take down three walls – two separating the kitchen from the lounge and another separating the bathroom from the lounge.’ Creating the new open-plan kitchen, sitting room and dining area cost a metre from the bathroom – though raising the ceiling balanced the appearance. ‘Removing the kitchen wall improved the area and made four months living with rough floorboards, a temporary kitchen and a bath in the garden almost worthwhile,’ says Sara.And with her newborn she also have to find a place to store her best double jogging stroller after every time carrying the baby out.

An ugly built-in wardrobe was removed from her bedroom and replaced with a workbench-come-chest of drawers; her great dresses are displayed on an old coat stand. ‘I like the unconventionality, the turning expectations upside down. Just don’t open the door to the en-suite shower room or the contents of the former wardrobes will fall out,’ Sara laughs.

A quest for perfection

If Lucy Howard’s West Sussex home could talk, it would no doubt be offering her its heartfelt thanks. From a property that appeared to be stuck in an Eighties rut – think colour combinations of oxblood red and apricot, plus black- stained beams – she has created a home that is stylish and supremely comfortable, with fresh country schemes that carefully respect the period style of the building.A quest for perfection (1)It is Lucy’s enthusiasm, drive and, in her own words, ‘a lot of bossing’ that has turned this Grade II-listed cottage into the welcoming home that she shares with her husband Joe, a lawyer, teenage sons Harry and Oliver and two miniature dachshunds, Lottie and Linus. The first time the couple, who were based in London, drove down to visit it in 2008, Lucy recalls that they took one look at the breathtaking view from the garden across the South Downs National Park and knew this was the one. ‘That was before we had even set foot inside the house,’ she laughs. ‘We’d been coming to the area for years because Joe’s parents have a house nearby, so we knew that places in a location like this rarely come up for sale.’ The building, which was formerly two workers’ cottages serving the nearby farm, dates back to 1660, with later additions in the 1900s.

Bold accents

When Emma Pocock, a designer, and her husband, Ben Clarkson, found this London property, formerly inhabited by students and untouched since the 1980s, she realised she’d have to think outside the box. Her approach has been one of creating clean lines – think white-painted floorboards and simple plantation shutters – and introducing flashes of inspiration with patterns or texture. “I wanted to try to maximise interest in everyroom,”she says.


A distressed cabinet brings the old-rustic feel to the room.

The kitchen-diner is a good example. Extending it was the obvious solution to gain space and light, but Emma, cofounder of interior design company Turner Pocock,was determined to create a slightly industrial read more

Healthy home office ideas


that sitting is the new smoking. And with half of our day spent on sedentary pursuits – those performed while sitting – there may be some truth to it. As Canadian researchers found, inactivity is putting us at higher risk for cancer as well as heart disease, diabetes and death. Simply standing instead of sitting burns twice as many calories and helps strengthen bones and muscles.Healthy home idea (2)
Take advantage of those upright benefits while you work with a Teknion Livello height adjustable desk (above). It uses a counterbalance spring to easily raise and lower for sit-to-stand breaks or vice versa. $1,500, www.teknion.com

Take it a step further – literally – with the read more

Simplistic Adonise Ideas of Home Improvement for Decorating Guest Room

City areas are jam-packed with high rise buildings and classy apartment. Nowadays every house has a guest room or spare rooms for guest. So, it is important to decorate your guest room as per your taste. Below, I discuss some simplistic adonise ideas for decorating your home guest room.

A modern and stylish guest room (Image Credit: www.hometone.com, CC: Some Rights Reserved)
A modern and stylish guest room
(Image Credit: www.hometone.com, CC: Some Rights Reserved)

Organizing task a fore to start the remodeling work

You have to remember few things before starting the improvement work which are—

  • Choose a corner room near to the entrance.
  • Buy necessary instrument prior to start work.
  • Perform simple repairing task.

Above things are important when you decide to start the remodeling work. If you are ready to do some repairing work for saving money you can try out some tips to work smoothly. You can easily find the important instrument from online store. In case you guests sleep on their side, you need to choose the best mattress for side sleepers which can be purchased easily on online store.

Some Convenient Tips for Furnishing Your Guest Room

Guest room can read more

13 things a handyman won’t tell you and you must know

  1. If your handyman says he can “do it all,” that’s a red flag. I’ve seen a guy who advertises on his truck that he mows grass, paints, does renovations, and builds houses. That’s not the guy you want to hire. Actually, a sure sign that you can trust me is if I tell you I’m not the best person to do a particular job and give you the name of someone else.

    A Jack of all trade do no good
    A Jack of all trade do no good
    read more

  2. Before you call me about your clogged sink or shower drain, try a plunger or a Zip-It drain-cleaning tool. Neither requires you to take anything apart, and both often do the trick in just a minute or two.

    Try before calling a handyman to your home
    Try before calling a handyman to your home
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  3. Offering me water or some cookies is great, but if

What every homeowner must know to protect their house

Plan your landscape

tips for homeowner (5)

Planning a pond or patio? A retaining wall or planting bed? Don’t just grab a shovel and start digging. Instead, lay down a rope or garden hose to map out the footprint. Stand back, survey the shape and make adjustments. Also check the layout from your kitchen window or a second-floor room. When you’re happy with the shape, mark it with spray paint and get to work.

Use a GFCI outdoors


House chores—especially outdoors—often bring water and electricity together. The best way to make those situations safer is to use a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). Newer homes read more

Compiled Tactics for Home Improvement to Revive Life

The vivid transformation in urban life gives human beings an incredible experience. Reputedly, this transformations are enshrouded people by the adrift flow of modern decoration instruments. People wants to adonise their home with fascinating gadgets for market appraisal or reviving their monotonous life. This renovating procedure includes various use of tools.

Useful tools for Home Improvement:

Apparently, furnishing every corner of house with contemporary artistic appliances mean home improvement. Some useful tools are necessary for renovating a home without the help of professionals. Such as

  • Decorative apparatuses
  • Repairing equipment
  • Electrical wire
  • Screw driver tools
  • Welding helmets

If one person wants to spend small amount of money for refurbishing his/her home, this tools are beneficial. Decorative apparatuses like exclusive furniture’s, beautiful wall mat, dry and artificial flowers, fashionable lamp, shade light and so on create an allurement that makes house look outstanding. This instruments including repairing equipment, electric wire, screw driver tools, and welding helmet are available in electrical store and also in online store. For safety reason try to use the latest hard ware tools as researching about the best welding helmet. This is essential requirement for the improvement process.

A study in blue and white

Next year is the 200th anniversary of perhaps our best-loved china pattern – ‘Blue Italian’ by Spode, a range of blue-and-white earthenware that has graced dressers across Britain and America since 1816. The original transfer-print design was a blend of imagery: a romantic pastoral landscape based on a 1638 painting by the French artist Claude Lorrain, bordered by flowers and leaves copied from a Chinese  porcelain plate of 1735. ‘It’s a lovely Italian scene with oriental touches that’s proved as timeless as “Willow”,’ says specialist dealer Sue Norman, who hunts out early pieces for collectors. The famous ‘Willow’, too, was an early read more

outdoor room

Six ways to create an outdoor room

Expert advice from interior designer and TV presenter Julia Kendell will tell you how to decorate an amazing outdoor room for your family


Think carefully about how you want to use the room and let this be your guide when planning its location and size. Garden rooms don’t have to be restricted to the patio or close to the back of your property. Some of the most successful outdoor living spaces are hidden from view of the house and offer an entirely different aspect. A sunny spot will ensure that you get maximum use of the space if you’re just creating a decking area with seating, but consider privacy by checking whether the site is overlooked.

A outdoor room for relaxing which is very simple, this room can alse be used as guest house
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    There are a great many custom-built solutions to choose read more