Healthy home office ideas


that sitting is the new smoking. And with half of our day spent on sedentary pursuits – those performed while sitting – there may be some truth to it. As Canadian researchers found, inactivity is putting us at higher risk for cancer as well as heart disease, diabetes and death. Simply standing instead of sitting burns twice as many calories and helps strengthen bones and muscles.Healthy home idea (2)
Take advantage of those upright benefits while you work with a Teknion Livello height adjustable desk (above). It uses a counterbalance spring to easily raise and lower for sit-to-stand breaks or vice versa. $1,500,

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13 things a handyman won’t tell you and you must know

  1. If your handyman says he can “do it all,” that’s a red flag. I’ve seen a guy who advertises on his truck that he mows grass, paints, does renovations, and builds houses. That’s not the guy you want to hire. Actually, a sure sign that you can trust me is if I tell you I’m not the best person to do a particular job and give you the name of someone else.

    A Jack of all trade do no good
    A Jack of all trade do no good
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  2. Before you call me about your clogged sink or shower drain, try a plunger or a Zip-It drain-cleaning tool. Neither requires you to take anything apart, and both often do the trick in just a minute or two.

    Try before calling a handyman to your home
    Try before calling a handyman to your home
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  3. Offering me water or some cookies is great, but if

What every homeowner must know to protect their house

Plan your landscape

tips for homeowner (5)

Planning a pond or patio? A retaining wall or planting bed? Don’t just grab a shovel and start digging. Instead, lay down a rope or garden hose to map out the footprint. Stand back, survey the shape and make adjustments. Also check the layout from your kitchen window or a second-floor room. When you’re happy with the shape, mark it with spray paint and get to work.

Use a GFCI outdoors


House chores—especially outdoors—often bring water and electricity together. The best way to make those situations safer is to use a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter). Newer homes read more

Compiled Tactics for Home Improvement to Revive Life

The vivid transformation in urban life gives human beings an incredible experience. Reputedly, this transformations are enshrouded people by the adrift flow of modern decoration instruments. People wants to adonise their home with fascinating gadgets for market appraisal or reviving their monotonous life. This renovating procedure includes various use of tools.

Useful tools for Home Improvement:

Apparently, furnishing every corner of house with contemporary artistic appliances mean home improvement. Some useful tools are necessary for renovating a home without the help of professionals. Such as

  • Decorative apparatuses
  • Repairing equipment
  • Electrical wire
  • Screw driver tools
  • Welding helmets

If one person wants to spend small amount of money for refurbishing his/her home, this tools are beneficial. Decorative apparatuses like exclusive furniture’s, beautiful wall mat, dry and artificial flowers, fashionable lamp, shade light and so on create an allurement that makes house look outstanding. This instruments including repairing equipment, electric wire, screw driver tools, and welding helmet are available in electrical store and also in online store. For safety reason try to use the latest hard ware tools as researching about the best welding helmet. This is essential requirement for the improvement process.

outdoor room

Six ways to create an outdoor room

Expert advice from interior designer and TV presenter Julia Kendell will tell you how to decorate an amazing outdoor room for your family


Think carefully about how you want to use the room and let this be your guide when planning its location and size. Garden rooms don’t have to be restricted to the patio or close to the back of your property. Some of the most successful outdoor living spaces are hidden from view of the house and offer an entirely different aspect. A sunny spot will ensure that you get maximum use of the space if you’re just creating a decking area with seating, but consider privacy by checking whether the site is overlooked.

A outdoor room for relaxing which is very simple, this room can alse be used as guest house
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